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Custom BrewCrafters Haunted Brewery

Still looking for something to do for Halloween? This Saturday, October 27, from 5pm-9pm the brewery at Custom BrewCrafters will be “bewitched” with all sorts of mischief and mayhem! Take the Haunted Brewery Tour to catch a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes when the night crew is on duty. What really goes into the craft beer you know and love?

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10 Beer Quotes to Inspire Your Weekend

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Beer has been a staple in the lives of people, both rich and poor, around the world for hundreds of years.  Over time, much has been said about the simple, delicious, sometimes controversial substance.  As the work week winds down, I offer you this list of beer quotes to inspire your weekend activities.  Whether you plan to paint the town red, drink a few during the football game, or brew up a batch of your own… read these words and know that you’re not alone.


10 Beer Quotes to Inspire Your Weekend…