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Kickstarting Craft Beer: 5 Campaigns for Beer

Kickstarter allows people (anyone, even you!) to create a fundraising campaign for a creative project or business venture.  Those that contribute to the effort are rewarded with special gifts of thanks, chosen by the project creator.  A variety of rewards are usually offered based on the amount of the contribution and consist of things like a copy of what’s being made, a limited edition product, or a custom experience related to the project.  Every project creator sets a funding goal and deadline. If the project succeeds in reaching its fundraising goal, all contributors are charged at the end of the campaign. If the project doesn’t meet their goal by the deadline, no one is charged, simple as that!

Since launching in April 2009, 24,000 Kickstarter projects have been successfully funded, and over 2 million people have pledged more than $250 million to show support for a wide variety of creative projects. Here’s a handful of beer-related campaigns looking for funding.

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Sherwood Inn: Saranac Summer Beer-B-Que

The following is a guest post, written by a good friend of mine, Ryan Conaughty.  I met Ryan while he was studying for his Masters in Creative Writing at SUNY Brockport.  He’s taught me a lot about craft beer and has been a huge supporter of this site since it’s inception.  If you enjoy his writing, I recommend checking out his bike journal titled, TransAm Blues, wherein he tells the story of the time he rode his bicycle across the whole freaking country, by himself.  He’s a great writer, a great friend, and he knows a whole lot more about beer than I do.  Enjoy!

sherwood inn

The Sherwood Inn sits on the northern shore of Skaneateles Lake, an emblem of vintage class and elegance. It’s a gorgeous building; beautifully simplistic. It stands with subtle dignity, a testament to the days of nickel beers and horse-drawn carriages. To me, it represents a lifestyle we lost somewhere along the way: one without constant and immediate technological distractions that rip us away from each other while pretending to connect us. The Sherwood Inn is a building that reminds me of the good old days that we easily forget about and then wish that we could somehow get back.

the good old days

The lighting is soft and low inside the Inn. The bar in the tavern is old and comforting. It’s dark and there’s a low murmur with the sounds of clinking glass and bottles. It’s one of those bars you walk into and you can feel the stories emanate from the scratches and scuffs in the gloss of the wood. It feels as though you’ve stepped back into the past and it feels completely natural to be there. Outside, the sun is slipping out of the sky toward the horizon and people are beginning to sit down for dinner. There is a small table with various NY cheeses: sharp, smoked, creamy, it’s all beautiful. I see servers walk past me with balsamic onion and goat cheese tartlets and another with bacon wrapped dates. There is a large table with cold bottles and cans of Saranac Blueberry Blonde, Summer, and Pale Ale that people are helping themselves to.

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Local Spotlight: Victoire Belgium Beer Bar

Victoire Belgium Beer Bar - Rochester, NY

Victoire Belgium Beer Bar

What: Beer Bar featuring Belgian imports and Belgian-style beers.

Where: 120 East Avenue, Rochester NY, 14604 / tel: 585-325-3663

When to go: Open 4:00 pm – 2:00 am. Regular hours start Monday, July 9th: Monday – Friday 11:00 am – 2:00 am

A new addition to the East End district, Victoire (pronounced veek-twahr) offers an impressive selection of authentic Belgian imports along with Belgian style beers from breweries like Ommegang, Victory, Stone, & Unibroue. They feature 20+ taps along with an impressive number of bottle conditioned beers. More About Victoire Belgium Beer Bar…