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Got Suds? Swag Brewery Does!

Beer Soap from Swag Brewery

Photo Credit: Swag Brewery

A few weeks back, I came across this post on Aleheads about Swag Brewery, which is not a brewery at all but but actually a Craft Beer Outfitter, carrying a variety of craft beer related gifts and, well… swag!  (Who doesn’t like a little swag now and then, AMIRIGHT?)  So anyway, after reading that they make beer soap (with real hops!) I left a comment about how I’d like to try the Beer Soap with Lagunitas IPA … well, Max Arndt, Swag Brewery co-founder and obviously a nice guy, saw my comment on Aleheads and sent me an email asking if he could send me some!  (Of course he also asked if I wouldn’t mind plugging it on my site, that cheeky monkey…)

[Clearly, I told him I would gladly accept free swag in exchange for publicity on my site.  Any breweries out there want to send a sixer my way? Feel free.]

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TAP NY 2012 – the Saga Continues…


Sunday morning started early.  We had forgotten to close the curtains in the hotel room so we were up with the sun and ready for another round… after a few Advil and a cup of coffee of course.  Breakfast was our first order of business.  After stopping at 4 ATMs we finally found one with cash and were able to procure a couple of bagel sandwiches and some iced coffee. (Pro Tip: Mountain Bagels & Cafe doesn’t take plastic.)  From there it was back to the Forrester to await the arrival of the other brew crew members that were joining us for day two.

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TAP NY 2012 – Day One


We woke much earlier than normal for a Saturday, anxious for the long awaited journey that lie ahead.  Bleary eyed and in desperate need of coffee, we loaded “Blue” (our trusty pickup truck) with two days provisions and hit the road…  We arrived in Hunter, NY just before noon and checked into our room at the Forrester Lodge.  From there it was just a short walk (score!) to our final destination — the TAP New York Craft Beer & Fine Food Festival.

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