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the Beer Girl’s Guide to Better Photography!

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So you love craft beer.  You drink it on a regular basis, you “check-in” on Untappd, you tweet about it, maybe you even blog about it!   You keep detailed tasting notes as you detect each nuance that splashes against your sophisticated palate.  The most interesting man in the world has nothing on you.  You’re a true intellectual, a scholar.

There’s just one thing… Your Instagram feed, I’ve seen it… and no offense, but it’s a little… uninspired.

But fear not my fellow craft beer enthusiast!  I have compiled a list of photography tips that are sure to turn your camera roll into a virtual gallery, full of thoughtfully executed photographs that do that artfully crafted brew the justice it deserves.

Read On For Photography Tips…

Are You a Beer Snob?

I love good beer, that’s obvious… but is my appreciation for superior suds turning me from a craft beer enthusiast to a straight up beer snob? Let me set the scene for you…

My sister and I are out to dinner at a local BBQ joint. Within seconds of being seated, our server arrives to take our drink order. As I look to the beer menu to see what my options are, I am immediately disappointed with the all macro selection. “Do you have any beer that’s not listed here?” I ask, hoping maybe they’ll have one of the local brews on tap. Sadly, no… what I see, is what I get.

I tell the kid I’ll have a Blue Moon, but I’m not happy about it…

He leaves us to peruse the menu and I feel compelled to share my displeasure with Emily. “I don’t get it, all these beers taste the same? Why not offer something with a little flavor?” She looks at me without raising her head, “Really?” she asks sarcastically, and it hits me — I’m becoming a beer snob.

Signs That You Might Be A Beer Snob…

It’s Official!

cicerone certified beer server pin

I received my Cicerone Certified Beer Server pin today!  As someone that loves tchotchkes and mementos, this is unusually exciting to me.  I may or may not carry the pin around in my purse in case I need to settle any beer knowledge disputes… you can’t argue with a pin.


The Distillery


Enjoying a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA at the Distillery in Greece, NY from beginning to end…


Gotta have a brew while you brew

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Today we cooked up a batch of beer using the Rogue Brutal IPA homebrew kit that I got JD for Christmas. I wish you could smell this…