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The Craft Beer Girl is getting Married!

Dogfish Head ProposalThe clever guy popped the question in a way sure to win the heart of this Craft Beer Girl, by hiding the ring at the bottom of a Dogfish Head “Heaven & Hell”. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the concoction, it’s a 50/50 blend of Dogfish Head’s 120 Minute IPA (15-20 ABV | 120 IBU) and World Wide Stout (15-20 ABV | 70 IBU). The blending of two colossal beers, both amazing in their own right, to create one harmonious, complex masterpiece not to be trifled with… it’s poetic.

Tasting beer and visiting breweries is something that JD and I enjoy together as a couple so you can be sure that the spirit of craft beer will be close at hand as we plan our nuptials. We both like the idea of getting married in the Fall so we’ll likely have about a year and a half before the big day. So far, this has allowed me to enjoy the moment without feeling the pressure of any planning just yet. Stay tuned to the blog along with my pinterest board for updates and wedding ideas!

The Distillery


Enjoying a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA at the Distillery in Greece, NY from beginning to end…


The Craft Beer Aesthetic

Concept beer label by Simon ÅlanderI have to admit, I’m a sucker for marketing.  They say good marketing appeals to our senses… that is true, but perhaps the best marketing appeals to our sense of self.  Truly great marketing makes you feel good about yourself.  You feel smarter, cooler, better, simply by making the decision to buy into whatever it is they’re selling that day.  Of course I’m not the only one… an entire generation of marketing lemmings, commonly known as hipsters, are out there “liking it before it’s cool”. According to authors Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter, in their book Nation of Rebels, “Cool has become the central ideology of consumer capitalism.”

A well-designed package can get me to buy almost anything, and this phenomenon definitely holds true when it comes to beer.  While it’s no secret that the beer industry and product marketing go hand in hand, the craft beer market is introducing a new aesthetic, playing to a… dare I say it?… more sophisticated beer drinker.  When I’m browsing the aisles of our local beer store, a fresh label design will grab my attention right away and, more often than not, inspire me to try something new.  Of course, that’s the whole idea, isn’t it?

So without further adieu, I thought I would run down a few of the craft brews that have caught my eye and found their way to my fridge through the use of nostalgic imagery and nice fonts.  I’ll leave out any personal preferences in regards to taste, some of these listed below have become dear favorites, making it into our regular rotation, while others, sadly, have never been consumed again.

More About The Craft Beer Aesthetic…